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challenge 07

This challenge will be a theme one :)

i'm sure everyone has seen the latest episode aired already, 3x15 Papa's Cabin, if not, be warned.

Challenge 07
In memory of our beloved sheriff, our theme is Sheriff Lamb.

Current icons: 03

- Your icon must feature Sheriff Lamb with either Logan and Veronica, or with one of them. All three are not required to be in the icon/s at once. But remember, Sheriff Lamb must be in the icon. Any other characters are also welcome for that matter. I hope it makes sense, if you're not sure about anything feel free to comment and i'll answer :)

* You may enter up to three icons.
* Submit your entries as a comment to this post (they will be screened), providing both the images and the urls. if don't know how, let me know.
* You may use any caps of your choice, vm-caps is a good place if you'd like.
* Any use of textures, brushes and text is allowed.
* The deadline for entries is 01 April, sunday at midnight.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to comment :)

Good Luck!! ♥

and Please Vote for challenge 06 if you haven't already, we have many ties that need resolving. Thank you!
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