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::Logan & Veronica icontest::

Logan & Veronica icon contest
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The Community
epicontest is a weekly icon contest community for Logan & Veronica. Although the main focus will be our LoVe, there will be a themed challenge every 4 weeks which may include other characters.
Your helpful and lovely mods are elisangelis and leona_dracontis :)
The Rules

1. You must join the community to submit your icons.
2. All icons to be submitted as a comment to the challenge entry with both the icon image and the url.
3. Icons canNOT be used or posted anywhere else until the challenge is over.
4. No animated icons are allowed.
5. Any use of texts, brushes or textures is allowed.
6. Blending the images is allowed unless stated otherwise.
7. The icons must meet LJ requirements (40kb, 100x100) unless stated otherwise.
8. No bashing other users or their work, play nice guys :)

1. You may only vote for 3 icons.
2. Do NOT vote for yourself, or you will be disqualified. If you do so by accident, let us know in the challenge entry.
Caps provided for challenges are from VM Caps.
Community layout codes by faceon from starlingsby100
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide